We Cant Stop (MiniPlanet Music Video) – Lyrics

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We Cant Stop (MiniPlanet Music Video) – Lyrics
Gostou da uma estrela



We Cant Stop (MiniPlanet Music Video) - LyricsBella and Friends Music Bash Music belongs to: Miley Cyrus Thanks To All Who Helped In Making This Video.

14 Responses to We Cant Stop (MiniPlanet Music Video) – Lyrics

  1. Annabella Aha disse:

    Windows Movie Maker Live 2012 (Essential)

  2. Annabella Aha disse:

    Thanks <3

  3. Annabella Aha disse:

    Thanks Kaz ,<3

  4. GG Evans disse:

    Best edit and song. Love it 😀

  5. Night Mare disse:

    Advice taken? :p

  6. Annabella Aha disse:

    I tested it and it worked. But not always they will work aha

  7. zoewilson1974 disse:

    good but not hot I souse check out it girl

  8. Kaz McC disse:

    Liked bella <3

  9. Annabella Aha disse:

    Hi Gabby 🙂 And thanks <3

  10. Annabella Aha disse:

    thanks :)

  11. JL Nidea disse:

    babezzzz wot happen to ur acct?

  12. Looly28Woozworld disse:

    Can i ask whats the programs you’re using? ^^

  13. Shineandhugsxoxo disse:

    Great Bella! Love it!! (Changed ,y YouTube name) it’s gabby

  14. Annabella Aha disse:

    I sent you a message on youtube ^

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