Waldeck – Dope Noir

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Waldeck – Dope Noir
Gostou da uma estrela



Waldeck - Dope NoirAlbum – Ballroom Stories

12 Responses to Waldeck – Dope Noir

  1. loredez1 disse:

    Bello!!**… :)))

  2. TheodoreAngelos disse:

    Dope Noir… Gani is my dope… et ses cheveux sont noirs… ƸӜƷ …Гани е моята УНИКАЛНА дрога с черна коса…

  3. Игорь Пацай disse:

    Умно и загадочно…Как всегда,замечательно!

  4. absolutefriend disse:

    Bello! Brava!!!

  5. FracescaMaria disse:


  6. stef2012bg disse:


  7. tydymanz disse:

    Fantastic video with a beautiful PIANO sound.

  8. ToEllYouSAY disse:

    Bravo! Extraordinary and so extremely ironic. Awesome*****
    Thumbs up ^-^

  9. veronica g disse:

    Brava molto complesso il tuo video

  10. jessaminescent disse:

    Уникално……и разбира се Waldeck !!!!!

  11. aa11bbaa11bb disse:

    ♥♥♥ great!

  12. Pierre Allard disse:

    Merci, j’aime.

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