The Strokes – Chances [Zardoz Edition]

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The Strokes – Chances [Zardoz Edition]
Gostou da uma estrela



The Strokes - Chances [Zardoz Edition]RCA 2013 “Chances” by The Strokes, from their new album, Comedown Machine ORDER NOW!…

11 Responses to The Strokes – Chances [Zardoz Edition]

  1. Paul Markie disse:

    The video strangely works really well with the song, great job.

  2. Genevieve Landry disse:

     I wish Jules was wearing this tiny costume lol

  3. Smapdi1000 disse:

    Zardoz, Breakfast Club, Grease:
    Coming of age tales brought about by new profound experiences.

  4. THX11003 disse:


    YUCK! She is rubbing his rug/chest! EWWW!!

  5. Smapdi1000 disse:

    Pics or it didn’t happen. Better yet – a video response.
    Your feedback is important to us!

  6. ahvostik disse:

    I just watched this while taking a dump. it was worth it. Nice job.

  7. Smapdi1000 disse:

    None can compare to Sean Connery’s elegant gams in those thigh high boots.

  8. THX11003 disse:

    LMAAO! I like how they took last 4 letters of “WIZARD” and the word “OZ” and turned it into a movie!

  9. Smapdi1000 disse:

    Thanks! But I am just a vessel for the glory of Zardoz.
    Zardoz works in strange ways.

  10. Smapdi1000 disse:

    There was an epidemic in the 70’s causing those afflicted to grow large tufts of short-curly hair in unfortunate places.
    That epidemic was called Freedom.

  11. inside452 disse:

    when i heard this song i thought breakfast club and grease

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