Talking Heads Stop making sense [1984][HD]

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Talking Heads Stop making sense [1984][HD]
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Talking Heads Stop making sense [1984][HD]Stop Making Sense (1984) is a concert movie featuring Talking Heads live on stage. Directed by Jonathan Demme, it was shot over the course of three nights at Hollywood’s Pantages Theater in December 1983, as the group was touring to promote their new album Speaking in Tongues. The movie is notable for being the first made entirely using digital audio techniques. The band raised the budget of $1.2 million themselves. The title comes from the lyrics of the song “Girlfriend is Better”: “As we get o

20 Responses to Talking Heads Stop making sense [1984][HD]

  1. wristedhip disse:

    1:14:44 I’d like to introduce the band by name… hmmm… instead of introducing the band by…?

  2. Chris Jepperson disse:


  3. Jimbo4918 disse:

    Agreed. A fascinating book it is too.

  4. jcawein289 disse:

    amen brother

  5. Noobalurt disse:

    Maybe the 14 people who disliked this video think you should have paid to watch it!

    The person who uploaded it get paid for the ads, but not the artist? Some Free Market we have here!

  6. tryfishin9 disse:

    man i remember the first time i heard talking heads 77. love every minute of it. david is such a master, really taking heads are masters. and also i gives some props to david’s new project. great stuff with st.vincent.

  7. Tabs4959 disse:

    This one is a joy to see anytime. Thanks for sharing this one

  8. fred smith disse:

    What the heck are you talking about? 14 dislikes = 14 communists

  9. alabert100 disse:

    unico amore

  10. Noobalurt disse:

    14 dislikes = 14 capitalist

  11. USA1Andy disse:

    great quality,so much better than the old one :)~

  12. JoaconN disse:


  13. RoddToes disse:

    14 people couldn’t stop making sense

    (I couldn’t resist the urge of putting this on here)

  14. trzill disse:

    The only downside to this two hour masterpiece is Chris Frantz’ cheesy talking during Genius of Love. Otherwise, flawless….

  15. Fo Da disse:

    thank you thank you ……..young again

  16. Bernard Lavoie disse:


  17. daunt33 disse:

    Absolutely timeless.  Thanks so much for posting.

  18. Girba disse:

    Stolen Fae Jazzdancer:Byrne walks 2 stage 4 Psycho Harrison Weymouth n Frantz join 4 2 songs Crew busy setting up 3 musicians n 2 back-up singers join da band Everybody sings,plays,harmonizes,dances n runs.They change instruments n clothes Bryne appears in Big Suit. Backdrop often black but sometimes it displays words images or children’s drawings The band cooks for 18 songs, the lyrics r clear, the house rocks. In this concert film the Talking heads hardly talk, don’t stop and always make sense

  19. Charlie Davis disse:

    Fascinating to watch this and of course listen while reading DB’s book How Music Works.

  20. TannerGr8rix disse:

    The uploader didn’t get any ad money, only partners get ad money, and that’s from ads during (or at the start) of their videos.

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