Take the Long Way Home Roger Hodgson with Orchestra

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Take the Long Way Home Roger Hodgson with Orchestra
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Take the Long Way Home Roger Hodgson with OrchestraTake the Long Way Home is another timeless classic from Supertramp co-founder, Roger Hodgson. This song is amazing whether Roger is performing it solo, with band, or with orchestra. He is a master composer, singer, and songwriter. Roger’s World Tour is getting rave reviews so go to his tour page on the official Roger Hodgson website to get the latest concert information, pictures, news and more… 2 NOV Theater at Westbury, Westbury, New York – TO BE RESCHEDULED 7 NOV Bergen Performing Arts Cent

20 Responses to Take the Long Way Home Roger Hodgson with Orchestra

  1. sovreign100 disse:

    The dislikes are people who don’t know ANY way home and are lost. Poor soul-less souls!

  2. Afonso Cornetet disse:

    i’m living in Brasil and a like so much to supertramp ok?

  3. David Marek disse:

    i always suspected RH was the heart and soul of Supertramp

  4. Buntonas disse:

    Well this song is about infidelity and how it makes you look stupid and also how much you stand to lose from the betrayal

  5. CGSeever disse:

    Actually – the dislikes are people sensibly critical of a production crew that knows more about how to disrupt a great performance than to support one.
    Examples? 0:19 neither the camera nor the sound engineer can find the harmonica intro..
    2:20 The clarinet/harmonica comes into the soundscape but STILL the camera is lost.

    And I’m sorry but 240p? Really? This capture is an insult to an awesome song.

  6. DallasKass disse:

    Simply beatiful….

  7. upthcreek disse:

    I took the long way to a Roger Hodgson concert this last weekend. Las Vegas to Modesto, took the long way there, and didn’t miss a lost moment…

  8. Le PAS de la rue disse:

    Normand I just love it a music for angels

  9. JackandDiane1994 disse:

    STFU and enjoy the song

  10. Catwink41 disse:

    YES!!! LOVE the penguins!

  11. lisasboogies disse:


  12. magicogonzalesradio disse:

    musica favorita de jorge el magico gonzales… en youtube…bajo… magicogonzalesradiochannel…. y por la radio monumental 101.3 fm,san salvador…. la fm 92 san salvador , stereo 92….

  13. Catwink41 disse:

    When I walked home from work in San Francisco back in those days, I would think of this song and take the long DIFFERENT way home…LOVELY!!

  14. ChasBeauregarde disse:

    yeah, I remember how that feels and this song took on a new meaning for me about ten years after it was released. thanks for summing it up.

  15. Henry Silva disse:

    baya waoo que bella canciòn,,,, el sonido es hermoso

  16. ctpuck30 disse:

    My nephew’s band is opening for him on November 4th in Lynn, MA. I can’t wait to see 2 of my favs. Check out The Bridgebuilders on youtube.

  17. Arlene Tognetti disse:

    I was thinking the same thing, Where is that Penguin Video I loved that!! it goes so well with Rodger’s music!!

  18. Wanda Echoes disse:

    I do believe this guy has addonis blood

  19. lunyae disse:

    So sad that some people still don’t know about Roger…
    Even though Rick Davies is amazing, Roger just didn’t deserve what happened between them. Seeing your own songs, things that come from deep inside your soul, used for commercial benefits and sang by somebody else must be horrible. The only thing Roger wants is to give love and hapiness to people… Anyway, we can’t change the past, so let’s just keep on enjoying Roger’s music and singing along with him during his wonderful concerts !

  20. spentonmediocrity disse:

    The bitter sweet truth truth + poetry+ music=where everything fits as a whole=’s great song that only get’s sweeter with time!A classic from my childhood that the adult can appreciate lyrically.

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