‘Summer Moved On’ Live at the Oslo Spektrum

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‘Summer Moved On’ Live at the Oslo Spektrum
Gostou da uma estrela



'Summer Moved On' Live at the Oslo Spektrum© 2011 Universal Promotional trailer from the ‘Ending on a High Note – The Final Concert’ live DVD.

20 Responses to ‘Summer Moved On’ Live at the Oslo Spektrum

  1. 22um2 disse:

    I saw them at Fréjus in France within the eighties when i was young. Nice memories. Thank you Aha.

  2. seth2769 disse:

    My youth…my sunshine…that gone….still tears fall!!!!

  3. David Velez disse:

    My favorite song from them was take on me

  4. laetitiamarchal disse:

    tout à fait !!!

  5. hhjjddll disse:

    This is the best song ever. Seriously, I can’t listen to it without crying just because it’s so beautiful.

  6. erika ek disse:

    Please come back! I can’t live without you!!! WE NEED YOU!!!!!

  7. Cecilia Sierra disse:


  8. fruitwaffle1973 disse:

    This is a fabulous compilation video! So many memories. 🙂

  9. mrsbates1407 disse:

    each man of the place to cry is a wimp. he can just sing well you cowards

  10. clement mc darby disse:

    Simply the BEST !!

  11. DTOX1972NI disse:

    love a-ha and seen them twice just gr88 listen 2 the note at 3.28-3.49 powerful,well underrated so wish they would come back .

  12. LordHeath1972 disse:

    When Morten holds that long note how can you sit and watch him without getting tears in your eyes? That is the single-best moment in the history of a-ha.

  13. phibo1618 disse:

    а по-моему нихрена. Как раз закончили за здравие. On a high note!

  14. MinecraftXorbi disse:

    Zomer muf on huj cipa zradz
    Zomer muf on huj cipa zradz
    Zomer muf on huj cipa zradz
    Zomer muf on huj cipa zradz
    Zomer muf on huj cipa zradz
    Sawoy leci z playbacku…

  15. Генрих Хаинц disse:

    Всё, кончилась группа. Петь уже не может, вблизи смотреть на лица страшно. Два поседних альбома полный провал.

  16. Виталий Гула disse:

    I’m from Ukraine, I just love the group A-HA. I am 20 years of fan. My dream is to visit them in concert. I am convinced that dreams have come true.

  17. BoykoVVN disse:

    My favorite

  18. 1DarkTwilly1 disse:

    I’m from Norway and i say… it isn’t the same without them…. may their music live on in our hearts forever on in the future….

  19. MellorDR disse:


  20. J Lopes disse:

    I loved it ! Amazing song!!

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