Steel Panther – Download Festival 2012 (Full set from Blu-Ray) *HD 1080p*

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Steel Panther – Download Festival 2012 (Full set from Blu-Ray) *HD 1080p*
Gostou da uma estrela



Steel Panther - Download Festival 2012 (Full set from Blu-Ray) *HD 1080p*I boght the Blu-Ray from Amazon UK, but it is region B locked, I live in Brazil, region A and I don’t have a free region player, so I had to rip it to my PC …

20 Responses to Steel Panther – Download Festival 2012 (Full set from Blu-Ray) *HD 1080p*

  1. stuntmaker2 disse:

    the “17 girls in a row” riff is pretty much the same as “man on a Mission” by van halen…check it out: /watch?v=VBvxdqRL3NM

  2. Gemelosguitars disse:

    You are here only for bobbies ( . ) ( . )

  3. CommCrab117 disse:

    24:55 metal Hillary Duff?

  4. chocolate3261 disse:

    They didn’t play Fat Girl 🙁

  5. 123denman456 disse:

    fat chicks


    quite possibly one of the best gigs I’ve been to

  7. Aaron D disse:

    and I will gladly volunteer

  8. acdcsuperyob disse:

    I thought battersea was the home of dogs. pisstakers too young to have even been around to witnes heavy metals finest hour.

  9. simopetrucci disse:

    Batter than sex…

  10. christiancooksoncc disse:

    fuck off then boobs and steel panther

  11. x00xcarusox00x disse:

    You guys are both wrong, 1:43 SO DAMN HOT

  12. CommCrab117 disse:

    Nah guys, 2:15

  13. acdcmanozzy disse:

    steel panther fuckin rock make me wana start a hair metal band cuz all the pussy tgey get

  14. VTboyqaeda disse:

    Download Videos Easily : youtu(.)be/4Uuvi-cn97M (remove brackets)

  15. awesometsantos disse:

    00:30 boobs 00:56 boobs 1:04 boobs 3:10 fake boobs 9:28 boobs 12:30 boobs 12:39 lesbian makeout session 12:51 boobs 13:08 boobs 13:14 big boobs 13:27 big boobs 14:00 very fake boobs 15:26 boobs 16:00 boobs 17:49 boobs 17:55 fuckin great boobs 18:48 boobs 23:57 boobs 24:21 boobs 24:40 boobs kinda

  16. Atheist Metalhead disse:

    When i grow up i want to be a camera man, especially for the Download Festival

  17. lpssappal disse:

    yeah its still only youtube. found a site the other day which is out of control just real horny girls who want to skype and get naughty have a look:

  18. Fuzz4Ever17 disse:


  19. Josberbas Lo disse:

    minute 15:10 is serius jajajajajjaja

  20. kylenich22 disse:

    Only watched this to see boobs

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