No Doubt | New (Official Video)

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No Doubt | New (Official Video)
Gostou da uma estrela



No Doubt | New (Official Video)“New” Official Music Video. Directed by Jake Scott. Make-up Artist: Joanne Gair. “Go” OST/Soundtrack. “Return of Saturn” iTunes UK: iTunes US: © 1999, 2004 Sony BMG Music Entertainment Inc & Interscope Records, A Universal Music Company.

20 Responses to No Doubt | New (Official Video)

  1. stevenbeasley07 disse:

    If you don’t understand the video concept, watch the movie “Go”. This song is on the soundtrack and the video resembles the plot and scenes of the movie. One of my favorite No Doubt videos 🙂

  2. Luke Rotie disse:

    3:45 is my favorite part

  3. kimmoreno451 disse:

    I love her make up

  4. alejandra valdes velez disse:

    is my band favorite i likeme very much its cool

  5. jasleenmachine disse:

    one of my favourite songs of all time

  6. AzBhSoOoNs disse:

    I can’t get over this song! no wonder why it’s titled “New”..

  7. William Ward disse:

    Great shots. I admire the work. I used the same camera for my shots and looks. Missed the story of the song. Really nice over all.

  8. lovelauri disse:

    I love it very good song

  9. L4chrym4l disse:

    This was 13 years ago.

  10. serenaechelon disse:

    aaaahh missed them!!!! finally some good actually music is back!!!

  11. NikkiRowCoxx disse:

    L4chrym4l But it’s a classic & whenever a new guy enters my life this the perfect tune!

  12. hvcshow disse:

    Wrinkles??? she was 28 years old when she made the “New” video. she doesn’t even that many today at 42!!


  13. chipilonguis disse:

    Con esta me metía coca

  14. Luke Rotie disse:

    This video was in 1999, the song is called new…

  15. NikkiRowCoxx disse:

    Hmm, depends on the guy and the relationship. Ex-girlfriend is one that I”m feeling towards a lot of them, especially the last one.

  16. nariko47 disse:

    She killed ska

  17. AlfonzoStardust disse:

    Wouldn’t you associate all your ex’s w/this song aswell then??…lol

  18. Phillip Anderson disse:

    Now I get the story of the video: Gwen being stalked by a cop, illegally! Yah, I sure know that that’s like!! Happened to me over twenty years and the finally caught the idiot when they arrested him on 44 other felonies, the stalker cop plead guilty to 22 of the felonies including stealing $100K from an elderly woman he extorted like he attempted to do me, only he’s caught after he also poisoned 8 trees causing damages to my house and direct serious physical injuries to me verified by surgeons.

  19. leeoportes disse:

    I don’t understand this video :/

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