Marcus Miller Live @ JJF2013

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Marcus Miller Live @ JJF2013
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Marcus Miller Live @ JJF2013Marcus Miller live at the Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival 2013, March 2nd – A3 Hall, JiExpo Kemayoran Jakarta, Indonesia. 1 Detroit 2 Redemption 3 F…

9 Responses to Marcus Miller Live @ JJF2013

  1. joffyjazz disse:

    Marcus and his crew of young lions are sounding good!

  2. AAPS7 disse:

    Hey! Thanks for uploading it JavaJazzFest! 🙂

  3. C Daniel disse:

    yeaahhh !

  4. ben landro disse:

    who is the alto player?

  5. Khoirul Umam disse:

    7. Run For Cover -________-

  6. megajames3000 disse:

    hey is there a setlist you guys could upload?

  7. JavaJazzFest disse:

    1 Detroit
    2 Redemption
    3 February/Mapujo
    4 Dr. Jeckyl
    5 Goree
    6 Splippin into Darkness
    7 Run For Over
    8 Blast

  8. megajames3000 disse:


  9. Khoirul Umam disse:

    Alex Han from Berklee college of music maybe?

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