Magazine Gap – More Alive (Live at Montreux)

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Magazine Gap – More Alive (Live at Montreux)
Gostou da uma estrela



Magazine Gap - More Alive (Live at Montreux)Recorded live at the Montreux Jazz Festival Montreux, Switzerland – 8 July, 2011 Directed & edited by Victor Planas-Bielsa World Tour EP free to all who join…

20 Responses to Magazine Gap – More Alive (Live at Montreux)

  1. Lope Molina Romero disse:

    Bravo!!!  The best band > MAGAZINE GAP!!!!!

  2. babeth83 disse:

    Live is so fantastic, sound and energy are maximum and it makes us jump!!

  3. Alberto Kriguer disse:

    Greatful !

  4. Brianna Barnhart disse:

    Outstanding live performance!! Sending support with a thumbs up from your Texas buddy.  I’d so love for you to stop by my way for a listen sometime. Looking forward to hearing more from you 🙂

  5. Tayseer Hararah disse:


  6. nn4g disse:

    Makes me happy 🙂

  7. tonabmusic disse:

    Greatful <3

  8. babeth83 disse:

    With this song, MG show us how they can be Masterful in Rythm and Live shows, with a fantastic energy and a fantastic singer and leader.
    So wonderfull piece of Music!!

  9. Renato de Rezende disse:

    Very good =o)

  10. KazioGosia disse:

    Thank you very much, very cool, energetive music !!!

  11. svetlana44cute disse:

    Very NICE!

  12. parisdoll52 disse:

    Wow, your all really rocking this one!! Hugs

  13. Angie Zaiser disse:

    wow, a great live-performance at montreux!

  14. driven39 disse:

    I love your energy, nice performance. DTRK

  15. excellencyish disse:

    I’m glad u guys r back I’m waiting to hear this as a sound track for a good summer movie. Good Luck guys you have come a long way. !

  16. sharona4608 disse:

    awesome as always!

  17. BelezaFeminina0108 disse:

    Gostei, excelente trabalho!

  18. cowgirlo99 disse:

    love it thanks for sharing:)

  19. melofellow2 disse:

    Play on!!

  20. Alberto Kriguer disse:

    very good !

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