Loneliness Bump

Loneliness Bump
Gostou da uma estrela



Loneliness BumpProbably will throw a tape together of all these bumps sometime in the future, we’ll see. Anyways here’s a new one, enjoy.

6 Responses to Loneliness Bump

  1. pl4y4h disse:

    Children of the Dark by the Stylistics. Heard it on the radio today and knew I had to use it.

  2. N3RF4LIF3 disse:

    Kool somthing to bob ur head to

  3. pl4y4h disse:

    Thanks man

  4. AIuminum disse:

    Nice as usual, but may I ask what sample?

  5. xgray2012 disse:


  6. pl4y4h disse:

    *Night not Dark lol

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