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Live in Paris – Roger Hodgson “C’est le Bon”

Live in Paris – Roger Hodgson “C’est le Bon”
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Live in Paris - Roger Hodgson Roger Hodgson, co-founder of Supertramp, played to a capacity crowd for this performance on his 2010 tour of France. “C’est le Bon” is from the album, “Famous Last Word,” and is available through Get your autographed CD today! Roger is currently on his world tour. His October 5, 2012 show at Olympia in Paris sold out months in advance. A new Paris show with band has just been added for Olympia on May 18, 2013. Here are the details: Tickets are now on sale for Roger’s Ma

20 Responses to Live in Paris – Roger Hodgson “C’est le Bon”

  1. Maya Videh disse:

    er ist und bleibt der Beste !!!

  2. rockinroller7 disse:

    Never listened too much to this, given how it tracks too many people’s lives, but it’s easier with time.
    Supertramp’s, ’71 release, “Indelibly Stamped,” didn’t play well in the states, but I heard it as an incredible piece of work. “74’s “Crime Of The Century,” had it’s obvious hits: “Dreamer,” and “Bloody Well Right,” but “Hide In your Shell,” and “If Everyone Was Listening,” were equally amazing if not superior.
    I found myself alone, among my friends, as a fan.

  3. tmws1 disse:

    Possibly the purest song in the Supertramp catalogue.  It ranks with any of the others and it’s unfortunate it came at the end of their existence as a band, so it was kind of lost and is never heard on the radio. It’s great to see it performed here, but I think it sounds much fuller and more complete as originally recorded. Maybe someday a reunited Supertramp will perform it. Until then I’m grateful RH is keeping it alive and I hope he continues to do so. A beautiful, affecting song.

  4. sebastien gauthiez disse:

    Yeah superbe chanson de Roger encore une fois ! Je ne l’avait jamais entendu en live jusqu’a aujourd’hui car je voulais gardé la surprise si jamais il l’a jouait le 5 octobre , mais a ma grande surprise elle rend encore mieux que quand il l’a écrit a l’origine , quelle voix !

  5. ImagineAllTheColours disse:

    Roger Hodgson is touring the world for his 2012 Breakfast In America World Tour!

    Don’t miss out on the TRUE VOICE of Supertramp touring with a FULL BAND!

    Roger’s official sites:

    Facebook: RogerHodgsonOfficial

    Twitter: RogerHodgson

    YouTube: MrRogerHodgson

  6. miilou9 disse:

    J’adore cette chanson que Roger chante pratiquement à chaque concert cette année 2012. La voix du meilleur du Supertramp est encore meilleure qu’à l’époque et chaque concert une expérience très sympa. A essayer.. C’est LE BON!!!

  7. pathom disse:

    It was a real surprise to hear that song played on that day. Roger Hodgson not only plays Supertramp’s big hits, but also knows how to surprise his audience. The main surprise for me was when I first heard “a soapbox opera” played live, which is one of my favourite songs (just as “Crisis? What crisis” is one of my favourite all time albums, in fact). Wish he could play that song in Paris again on Friday night!

  8. coralreeferman disse:

    all that I have is this music…there’s a lot of crazy people who don’t remember where their heart is..c’est le bon Rodger….magnificent……haunting….

  9. juliano66 disse:

    For once, I’m glad the studio version of a song I’ve ‘tubed wasn’t available! Roger and his accompanist, Aaron definitely do justice to this great song.

  10. 123ThisIsMe disse:

    Great upload! Thanks 🙂
    I always loved this song.
    Roger’s live version here is almost identical to the original version when he was still with Supertramp. But, he changed some of the lyrics in this one.
    I’m still used to the original lyrics … so I put them out in my previous comment (below)

  11. Shoobidooify disse:

    Encore une magnifique chanson de Roger Hodgson, à l’orchestration dépouillée qui met bien en valeur le son tellement mélodieu de sa “12 strings guitar”.
    J’aime beaucoup cet extrait de concert où il se livre, il dit qu’il chante avec son coeur.
    Il a joué “C’est le Bon” au Palais des Congrès en 2010 à la demande du fan club français, donnant une nouvelle preuve de son écoute et de son respect pour son public.

  12. baboue10 disse:

    Très bon souvenir.
    Merci au Fan Club qui m’a permis de vivre de supers moments !!!

  13. MrAllouche disse:

    Sublime, merveilleux

  14. lunyae disse:

    I’m lucky to have all this music, ah coming to me….
    This is so true…

    I think we’re really lucky to have Roger.
    Without him, I truly think I wouldn’t be as happy and smiling as I am now.
    Thank you, Mister Hodgson : )

  15. travsnipes1 disse:

    just beautiful….

  16. kv651 disse:

    merci – tak – thank you <3<3

  17. Gigifraise9 disse:

    These guys’ smiles are so contagious. They warm you up right through, and make you feel special and alive.

  18. scornetpomfret disse:

    j’adore avec quelle faciliter Roger nos chanter avec le coeur des chansons qui traite toujours de sujets plus ou moins sensibles, je n’y résiste pas à chaque fois je craque. quelle belle grande voix reconnaissable entre mile tout comme les accords dès les premières notes je reconnais le titre. que je soit n’importe ou je reconnais la musique de Roger des qu’il passe sur les ondes je me précipite pour l’écouter d’autre que j’aime aussi “Surely”say coodbye” c’est un artiste fantastique et humain♥

  19. jembozzo disse:

    pourquoi roger a changé les paroles de cette chanson ?
    bravo au fan club, parce que cette chanson est l’une de ses meilleures et il ne la joue jamais

  20. oliounidizlove disse:

    Putain de chanson, putain de chanteur, alors voilà, cet été, ma fille de 21 ans a écoutée cette chanson, en boucle , pendant les vacances, et voilà qu’à notre retour, nous tombons sur cette vidéo inespérée, un grand merci à toi BestRogerHodgson !.

    Peace !.
    Know who you are.


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