Jason Mraz – Common Pleasure (Live at the Eagles Ballroom)

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Jason Mraz – Common Pleasure (Live at the Eagles Ballroom)
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Jason Mraz - Common Pleasure (Live at the Eagles Ballroom)Jason Mraz – Common Pleasure DVD Tonight Not Again Live at the Eagles Ballroom

20 Responses to Jason Mraz – Common Pleasure (Live at the Eagles Ballroom)

  1. yeahdogg85 disse:

    well its not the only song he scats in… i dont know why i said that haha, but i have every single one of his albums and i love watching his videos on here. and i went to see him live in san jose, 5th row on the floor…it was absolutely amazing. i have videos…they arent full songs though… only i wont give up is… should i post them??

  2. britmus309 disse:

    ugh what happened to him…how is love is a four letter word written by the same man at all…

  3. DaneThemeSwimming disse:

    Mraz owns Mayers vocals.

  4. mandabean08 disse:


  5. J H Robbins disse:

    – I think you hit it right on the head!

  6. yeahdogg85 disse:

    Honestly, this is the only song that Jason scats a lot.. He is amazing at what he does and he is only known for I’m yours and lucky…and maybe we are lucky he is that way. He is like a hidden treasure, and I’m glad he is not over played. He is brilliant with his lyrics and he knows how to please anyone, not only does he have an amazing voice but he also has a lot of talent with playing the guitar and I’m sure with many other instruments.
    My opinion, anyone agree?

  7. Hockeysktr17 disse:

    Are you seriously comparing Eminem to Jason Mraz? ……

  8. davisstdude disse:

    Don’t be afraid to cheer in the audience, fellow dudes. You know’d you’d kill to be this guy.

  9. Neoplatinum disse:

    First I’d like to say that I love Jason Mraz. And yes he is very talented indeed.
    But when it comes to lyricist. Eminem is still better. It’s a different style of music. And the lyrics of Eminem are quite a bit more complicated than using skat. Which composes a 40% of this song.
    I still ove the song, and it’s awesome. But although skat does sound cool and “innovating”. It requires no where near as much thought as rhyming a whole song. Just had to say it.
    Keep enjoying Jason!! ^_^

  10. deitysonic disse:

    I need to download this song!!!!

  11. ldxvc disse:

    anyone, lyrics for this live version?

  12. happpytohangaround disse:

    i just adore this version of this song.i love how he puts his creativity into it.each live version sounds different

  13. Jewel Tapar disse:

    Only Jason Mraz can do it! OH YEAH <3

  14. silvermist1307 disse:

    Hes soo sexy and when he scats noone can really ever sing it lol well i know i cant, every shows soo different! Every girl goes crazy for him <3 i know i do!

  15. jimosfooty disse:

    @neoplatinum no rhyming a song is easy and his songs are terrible,

  16. peachtable966 disse:

    There’s more to lyrical complexity than rhyming… Although I agree this song certainly isn’t lyrically complex. Technically complex? Sure.

    I don’t have much of an opinion about the complexity of Eminem’s lyrics, but I’m sure he’s got songs more nuaunced than this one. Nonetheless, so does Jason… I would assume that it’s a toss-up, if it’s not safe to safe to say Jason’s most complex song trumps Eminem’s more complex song…

    But then, what do I know, anyway?

  17. Zack DiRusso disse:

    yeah but mayer makes up for it with his guitar

  18. dirkiedeetjuh disse:


  19. Monchking disse:

    I learned this song on the guitar and 99% of the time I got frustrated on how hard it is to sing while playing the riff

  20. MFARCSface disse:

    i get exactly what you mean sometimes i get annoyed that people only know him for those two songs but i guess he wouldn’t be as special if he were all over the place people who don’t know about him are missing out because he is everything you said he is. i <3 Jason Mraz

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