IT’s HERE! Vol II – Stevie Wonder for Solo Fingerstyle Guitar DVD Taught by Adam Rafferty

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IT’s HERE! Vol II – Stevie Wonder for Solo Fingerstyle Guitar DVD Taught by Adam Rafferty
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IT's HERE! Vol II - Stevie Wonder for Solo Fingerstyle Guitar DVD Taught by Adam RaffertyVisit to Order NOW & Get More Info Hi Gang! It’s finally here, and ready to ship to your doorstep! http The DVD will ship with complete tabs & notation booklet. You Will Get Instruction on my Arrangements of These Stevie Wonder Songs: Isn’t She Lovely Higher Ground You Are the Sunshine of my LIfe My Cherie Amour Only 150 DVDs are autographed, so you’ll need to order quickly if you want a signed copy. You’ll be able to order a Vol I & II DVD package as well – but the special

20 Responses to IT’s HERE! Vol II – Stevie Wonder for Solo Fingerstyle Guitar DVD Taught by Adam Rafferty

  1. asfaha3 disse:

    hi adam if i know nothing about the tabs can i still learn becuase i know some songs (fingerstyle)
    but on the dvd does it just show how to play?

  2. skbrian100 disse:

    Hi, Adam! Just purchase your DVD from your website!! You are awesome!! I enjoy your playing at every moments! Hope I can master these songs and share the joy with you! Last but not the least, Really hope there is a chance to see you play these wonderful songs in Hong Kong!!: )

  3. Adam Rafferty disse:

    Hi – I use one, but I’m sure you can figure out how to play without one….thanks for asking!

  4. Adam Rafferty disse:

    Brian, thanks! Just visit my website, you can order directly. All the best!!! See the link in the description!

  5. Adam Rafferty disse:

    Thanks! Hang in until they arrive in the mail!

  6. skbrian100 disse:

    Hi, Adam! This is Brian, I’m your fan from Hong Kong! I really love your arrangements! I want to buy your DVD but I went to the local TomLee and other book store but they don’t have your DVD. Do u have a way for me to buy your DVD to support u? I cannot find your email, This is the only way to find u. Looking forward to hear from u!

  7. James Sands disse:

    I know you don’t use it in this DVD, but I was wondering what model of Taylor you were using on some of your older videos? I’ve been on the look out for a good acoustic that has good tone both plugged in and unplugged and love the sounds you were getting. Any advice would be great thanks!

  8. LillaMartin disse:

    WOOT WOOT!!! 😀 just got the DVD!! So excited. Just put it in the computer. But sins the letter said you cant wait to hear from me i thaught i would logg in to say big THANKS! Hours and hours of fun is ahead of me.
    Take care Adam!

  9. Adam Rafferty disse:

    Hi I was using a 314 ce but plugged in, I did not like it…tats why I am with the Maton now….good luck!

  10. Mitch taimaaiono disse:

    Hey Adam, just bought your Stevie wonder CD’s Vol 1 and 2. very keen to learn the songs

  11. gianni filippini disse:

    Adam I have a question on recordings, if you get a chance i would really appreciate your answer. On the Maton APMic what setting do you mostly use for your recordings on youtube? Particularly Mic/Mid and Bass/Treble dials? You are a great inspiration!

  12. dajoler disse:

    Hi there Adam, big fan from the Philippines. I gotta say, I owe you a huge thanks for the Jackson 5 and Stevie Wonder DVDs; they can really get a crowd going! I played “Superstition” at soundcheck and the crowd really liked it so the band decided to let me do the entire thing while our singer took a short break!

    I also ordered and really liked your Chameleon CD. I, for one, wanna learn some of your own tunes! A DVD on those and general fingerstyle techniques would be great….*hint hint*

  13. Mitch taimaaiono disse:

    hey Adam, just got your cd’s Stevie wonder vol 1 and 2. its amazing. its helped me with my guitar more than i expected. and my friends and church friends think cool.

  14. shikonno disse:


  15. Matt Weston disse:

    Hi Adam, your recent lessons are some of the best around! I havnt seen the video yet, but my version of the african drum exercise goes a bit like this; rightfoot/lefthandknee/rightfoot/righthandknee played in triplets so the accent is shifting. Then making other exercises using diferent combinations of both feet and both knees. A bit like an invisible drum kit.

  16. Mitch taimaaiono disse:

    hey Adam just wondering do you need a thumbpick for these songs or not?

  17. m4tth3 disse:

    Just got the DVD <3 Greetings from Germany 🙂

  18. Oznoroma disse:

    yes, this is lovely, Adam!

  19. Adam Rafferty disse:

    Hi – the video is for intermediate to advanced players….you may find it very inspiring to watch, but if you’ve never played before it could be a little tricky. There’s a refund guarantee in case you get it & want to return it – see website. Thanks for asking.

  20. Adam Rafferty disse:

    Gianni, I run Vol, Treb, Bass at about 70-80%. Mids in the middle, mic a little above middle…

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