Hands Down Acoustic (Dashboard Confessional)

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Hands Down Acoustic (Dashboard Confessional)
Gostou da uma estrela



Hands Down Acoustic (Dashboard Confessional)Recently found the abbey road version of this song and then the acoustic one. yeah.. not something you wanna know but i just felt like telling you guys. btw;…

11 Responses to Hands Down Acoustic (Dashboard Confessional)

  1. ForevaNewsh disse:

    This was just amazing, you have pure skill (kind of inspirational)…
    Loved it (;

  2. Paper4Wings disse:

    Thanks. 2 more coming tonight

  3. paramore1411994 disse:

    absolutely beautiful song …
    and ur talented

  4. MysteriousGirl05 disse:

    That’s…palming, right?
    Great playing, btw. 😀

  5. sav labelle disse:

    good cover..
    btw the lip piercing looks good suits you well =)

  6. Monica T. disse:

    The perfect recipe:
    Sit comfortable, take the guitar and sing the song you like.
    Amazing playing! 🙂

  7. FloisBeast disse:

    1st comment! :] Love ur videos sooo much. You were awesome….as usual! Can’t wait for more videos….no pressure :]

  8. theteam1901 disse:

    I love this song u rock

  9. pittuufaax disse:

    I really like your lip piercing :3
    you’re really good.

  10. kirstyyl disse:

    great cover, as always 🙂

  11. kristron10 disse:

    this is awesome 😀
    cant wait for more vids.

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