Gavin Beach – Heart Of The Matter (The Eagles / India Arie)

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Gavin Beach – Heart Of The Matter (The Eagles / India Arie)
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Gavin Beach - Heart Of The Matter (The Eagles / India Arie)Gavin Beach’s cover of ‘Heart Of The Matter’ originally by The Eagles and covered by India Arie.

20 Responses to Gavin Beach – Heart Of The Matter (The Eagles / India Arie)

  1. JamieCleaton1 disse:

    i use compressors on gavins vocal track so that is what makes him more audible to listeners 🙂

  2. JellyPickled disse:


  3. crayzieeechick disse:

    you sound great … beautiful voice…

  4. Robin Gomez disse:

    This is amazing. I wish I was on your level.

  5. hoteltomotel disse:

    prefer this version to the eagles to be honest Gav great voice and Jamie great arrangement was in tears wen i heard it first didnt help that id split from my ex but shit happens keep it up and do a Robbie Williams or Take That arrangement Im sure it would be knock out ;O)

  6. Ellasings7 disse:

    I live in Los Angeles, you really should come to L.A to sing, you’d make
    a million bucks quick with that voice, and your really handsome looks!! wow!

  7. SeekGod82 disse:

    Wow, love your voice!

  8. ice10821 disse:

    Nice version… Really love this song..

  9. rihvalferrethippie disse:

    now im in love

  10. luvaddict69 disse:

    gavin, how can i have a copy of your veersion of this willing to pay.. you should join the x factor// you will win it im sure.. you have so much soul in your voice.

  11. lala6177 disse:

    I really would like to listen to this on my ipod!!! Is there any way? I don’t think you have it on your sound cloud… :/ It’s the best version in my opinion. Love it better than the original or India Arie’s version.

  12. jujuey55 disse:

    What an awesome voice!

  13. JamieCleaton1 disse:

    its connected to an M-Audio Firewire 4/10 audio interface which i believe have pre amps

  14. marquise2005 disse:

    This is one of my favorites songs (I keep a blog that’s named after it) and you mote than did the song justice! Excellent voice!

  15. AlexBMuccino disse:

    Beautiful song, beautiful voice, incredible, I love this version!!!

  16. Ellasings7 disse:

    Omg! your voice is so amazing!…welcome to America dude!! go head boy!

  17. LexieLazear disse:

    One of my favorite songs, and you certainly do it justice. Though — it’s not actually by the Eagles, it was a solo song by Don Henley whilst the Eagles were broken up. 🙂 Just a little music trivia. But, lovely voice none the less. 🙂

  18. ChristinaBevis disse:

    hey ..please check out my channel too and sub..sorry my video qualty kinda sucks!

  19. diefenbaker21 disse:

    holy shit Gavin is really good. I was about to click out of this because it looks like a home video but this is really satisfying.

  20. lborden21 disse:

    I very rarely respond to youtube videos, but I really enjoyed this. You have an incredible voice, best of luck pursuing your career!

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