Fields of Prey

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Fields of Prey
Gostou da uma estrela



Fields of PreyOne of the best Hmong Rock Performace that I have ever heard performing “Nco Kuv Me Me” by Lub Yaj. I did my best to translate Alley’s lyrics into the English verson. 😀 Sorry if it’s not great. This was performed at the International Fresno Hmong New Year at a concert. Disclaimer: Copyrights goes to Fields of Prey and Lub Yaj. Link of Fields of Prey: I’m only a fan of them. 😀

3 Responses to Fields of Prey

  1. FieldsOfPrey disse:

    This is AMAZING! We are so humbled that you took the time to put this together. We love you! 😀

  2. HmooB311 disse:

    What are the chance of Fields of Prey doing a recording cover of this song?

  3. BEinLOVEwithME disse:

    Thank you Alley, anytime! Your band did wonderful out there! 😀 I hope to see you guys if your band perform again for our upcoming Hmong Music Festival. Keep up the great work!

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