DJ Penetration – Pop Megamix (25 Songs) *NEW 2013 MASHUP*

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DJ Penetration – Pop Megamix (25 Songs) *NEW 2013 MASHUP*
Gostou da uma estrela



DJ Penetration - Pop Megamix (25 Songs) *NEW 2013 MASHUP*New Years Mix. My first attempt at a megamix… all songs used are from 2011 and 2012 (with the exception of one). All of mixes are free! Donations are much appreciated, even a dollar! TO DONATE: Tracks it’s mixed with: I’m All Yours – Jay Sean (ft. Pitbull) [Instrumental] Seek Bromance – Tim Berg (Avicii) Turn Me On – David Guetta (ft. Nicki Minaj) Just Dance – Lady Gaga (ft. Akon & Colby O’donis) Gangnam Style – PSY Tonight (I’m Fucking You) – Enrique Iglesias (ft. Ludacris) Dan

20 Responses to DJ Penetration – Pop Megamix (25 Songs) *NEW 2013 MASHUP*

  1. theMRdaantjuh disse:

    where´s avicii – levels?

  2. Mikade Ylin disse:

    Veryy niceee mix 😉

  3. amitojmarok disse:

    Average , keep it..

  4. Chad Edwards disse:

    he is mor than “average” he’s amazinggg

  5. FocusAdnane disse:

    0 dislike ♥

  6. svenningen disse:

    Nicki always sounds like a chipmunk.

  7. Chad Edwards disse:

    u should realy do another one because its werth it if ur this good tut what im i saying your F*^$ING AMAZING

  8. dannydash3 disse:

    No justin bieber?? Lolz

  9. danijel12300 disse:

    As always , excellent work, no matter which song you choose!!!

  10. Enrique Bravo Fernandez disse:

    You make shitty artist sound good, awesome man, keep it 

  11. TonyDishchyan310 disse:

    Can u please do a mash up or remix with the song danza kuduro – don omar ft. lucenzo please please please.

  12. Razorshadow73 disse:

    Is it intentional that Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj sounded lower and higher respectively in pitch?

  13. John Louis Valdez disse:

    The best song i ever hear this year

  14. RealDJAudacity disse:

    From one DJ to another, very impressive work!

  15. FreestyleTraceur disse:

    Sooo sick….

  16. TheGargal123 disse:

    this is amazing¡ goood jooob ! ;D

  17. Chad Edwards disse:

    lol i agree

  18. josh hales disse:

    best mix dj ive heard by far.

  19. katastrof natyrore disse:

    definition of —–> DJ

  20. FocusAdnane disse:

    I agree :p

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