Cd Collection Update 4

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Cd Collection Update 4
Gostou da uma estrela



Cd Collection Update 4This is my fourth update video, and I have ALOT of new stuff to show! I have new Cd’s, Cassettes, Vinyl and Dvd’s so stay tuned and find out more about that. I forgot 1 album that I got seeing as how its in my dad’s car (because he loves the band) so I will talk about that one next video. I wanted to wait longer to make this video because at the rate i’m going I would have 50 update videos, but I picked up so many albums so I had to make an update. Sorry about my hair, I have hat hair LOL. Feel

8 Responses to Cd Collection Update 4

  1. MrNic1019 disse:

    Hell yeah, Rollins Band! The song called Fool on that album is amazing.

  2. Light0fJah420 disse:

    Cool i’ll probably pick it up next time I see it! Thanks for the suggestion and thanks for watching!

  3. Ironmaiden348 disse:

    picked up heaven and hell on vinyl , i got a vinyl update viide up now should check it out if you haven’t done so , nice finds man.

  4. Light0fJah420 disse:

    awesome, I love that album actually, it’s very underlooked. The instrumental “Behind My Camel” is a great song, which was later covered by Primus. Picked up all those Vinyls for $1 which I was very happy about LOL

  5. PunkRockFanzine80 disse:

    i got with the lights out box set! (not bragging) x) OH and i like rancid

  6. PunkRockFanzine80 disse:

    hey man,you should really check out fabulous disaster by exodus xD

  7. rockmusicforever90 disse:

    great update, if i can recommend i would recommend you get get soundgarden’s louder then love imo that is better then badmoterfinger

  8. PunkRockFanzine80 disse:

    i got the second police vinyl you showed on cassette

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