Andrea Bocelli: Love In Portofino — official cinema trailer

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Andrea Bocelli: Love In Portofino — official cinema trailer
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Andrea Bocelli: Love In Portofino -- official cinema trailerAndrea Bocelli: Love In Portofino — in cinemas from February 14th. Check local listings and pre-order cinema tickets at Andrea Bocelli makes his global cinema debut this Valentine’s Day, with the Love In Portofino concert releasing around the world, audiences can experience the world’s most beloved tenor performing the world’s greatest love songs in one of the most romantic settings on earth. Captured live in August 2012, Andrea Bocelli and musical host David Foster perfor

17 Responses to Andrea Bocelli: Love In Portofino — official cinema trailer

  1. anttonyuchiha2 disse:

    In Portuguese? Ai, ai! Esse Bocelli é demais! *—*

  2. Suzanne Hawkins disse:

    I can’t wait! There is no better!

  3. Linsdemberk Medeiros disse:


  4. Maurits Kroese disse:

    Andrea Bocelli ft. Jennifer Lopez – Quizás, Quizás, Quizás

  5. laura mayeron disse:

    dopo il big luciano …………ecco il big andrea

  6. carlos portilla macias disse:

    grande bocelli

  7. Márcia Rosane Conceição disse:

    Andrea Bocelli, a cada espetáculo seu, eu me emociono. Se fico arrepiada é porque gosto muito.
    Mereço um dia estar num show seu. Deus há de pemitur. Que Deus o proteja aonde quer que esteja.

  8. Steffi96 disse:

    HELENE!! Ok, maybe I’ll to the cinema just to see her on the big screen once ^^

  9. MrLuCaLaMaR disse:

    10X ..!

  10. Emanuela Vinci disse:

    bravo bocelli !

  11. aandi1000 disse:

    0:53 sexy Helene Fischer 🙂

  12. muhanedqais disse:

    i am 20 years old man and you just make me sway when hear your songs , since 5 years to me you are the best , GOD bless you

  13. MrLuCaLaMaR disse:

    what’s name of first song ..!?

  14. Rózsa Császár disse:

    Csodálatos, nagyon szép! Szeretem.

  15. Deborah Urbano disse:

    I thought this was a PBS special in the US,sometime in Feb.

  16. UNIVERSO1752 disse:

    Espléndido y muy Bello … muchas gracias amigo !

  17. optimist900 disse:

    Is there no release in the United States?

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