A-ha – Documentary – Ending On A High Note [Official]

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A-ha – Documentary – Ending On A High Note [Official]
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A-ha - Documentary - Ending On A High Note [Official]@2010 A offeciel documentary from the DVD Ending On A High Note. A-ha talks about the last year, the stop and… we….see….backstage…

20 Responses to A-ha – Documentary – Ending On A High Note [Official]

  1. brudzool disse:

    without ‘you are the one’ it’s not complete

  2. Annakarta disse:

    I like a star)))

  3. dilekoktay25 disse:

    I got goose flesh… I love you ! :(((((

  4. ana blandiana disse:

    thank you

  5. ana blandiana disse:

    i love a ha i wish i was there. i really enjoied this video….i liked to see fans talking about the impact a ha had on their lifes.

  6. TheMoniita disse:

    I hope that too 🙁

  7. isaspainfr disse:

    J’étais là-baasssssssssss….I was there….Estaba ahí…avec des personnes tellement merveilleuses…with such wonderful persons…con personas maravillosas: merci…thanks…gracias Gemma, Xabi, Monica, Denise, Sol, Christian, but also Cristina, Cécile, and many more I met at the gigs…and of course thanks so much Mags, Morten and Pal (in alphabetical order and not by preferencial order 😉 as Woody Allen does).

  8. tempy vanbo disse:

    this planet will never witness such music again ever!! i was proud to be apart of the 80`s 90`s and 2000`s i experienced the music of a-ha from the begining to the end over 3 decades theres nothing more i want in life i have mags autograph in my tour book from the royal albert hall in 2010 morton refused to sign it which hurt quite a bit seeing as hed been my hero for over 30 years i was in a corridor for about two miutes with him before the aftershow party but why he refused ill never know.

  9. TheCatel16 disse:

    :,( VERY sad.. a-ha <3

  10. drjude disse:

    Miss you very much but at least I have so many brilliant albums to listen to ! Xxxx

  11. tubeMonger disse:

    I had goosepumps as well 🙂

  12. stumblingaway disse:

    I was a official photographer for a-ha on 27th November 2010 at Wembley Arena, also selling photos from O2 arena, Brighton Center 15/11/10 and Bournemouth International Center 26/11/10. Will be selling photos at £6, + P&P, Printed on A4 Size (297 x 210 mm) Semi Gloss Maate Finish

    message me if interested

  13. SuperDvd100 disse:

    Wonderful!!! It’s a strong emotion to see this!!!! It reminds me the 3rd december 2010, when I was there!!! It was beautiful and exciting to see together lots of fans coming from every side of the world united in the name of A-HA!!!!A-HA we all love you!!!!Love from Italy!!!

  14. tubeMonger disse:

    Thank you for uploading.

  15. cristinawilligs disse:

    in the nineties i thought they would never comeback, hope they change their minds cause i never went to any show of them

  16. MarthaStout0202 disse:

    Thank you for uploading this. Very emotional! My #1 band.  They are the best!

  17. KYRIGR disse:


  18. MarthaStout0202 disse:

    It’s nice to see that so many others think they are #1!!

  19. cristinawilligs disse:

    so sad, always bring me tears

  20. cristinawilligs disse:

    morten and magne had some bottox and paul had not 🙂 actually paul is the only one that looks almost his age, still looks younger

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